Mid-Thames Model Boat Club

Model Boat Club

Beale Park is home to the Mid Thames Model Boat Club, one of the largest clubs in the South of England, with more than 100 members.

A relaxing pastime for all ages, the club offers enthusiasts free boating with any vessel, whether it’s powered by steam, sail or to scale.  Members have the use of three lakes at Beale Park.  The inner lake can be used during normal opening times, and the two outside lakes, at any time.

A series of regattas are staged throughout the year with competitions devoted to yachts, Victoria, Fiesta and 1-Metre classes, though all types of sailing vessels are welcome in our handicap series. Club 500 racing is popular and well supported within the club with several race meetings per year.  Model boats powered by steam are becoming more popular and the club has boiler-testing facilities.

For further information regarding membership and diary dates please contact:

Membership secretary:

Mr Ian Hughes, Tel: 01189 793 310, E Mail: ian@ihughes.co.uk