High Season (23rd March – 30th September)

Adults (16 years and over) £11.00
Senior Citizens (60 years and over) £9.50
Children (aged 2 – 15 inclusive) £9.00
Under 2 Years Free
Disabled Adult £5.00
Disabled Child £2.50
Helper £4.00
Student £9.50
Family – (2 Adults + 2 Children) £34.00
Family – (1 Adult + 3 Children) £32.00

Season Tickets

Family Season Ticket £135.00
Registered Disabled Person + 1 Carer £48.00
Adults (16 years and over) £48.00
Child (aged 2 – 15 inclusive) £34.00
Senior Citizen (60 years and over) £38.00

Discounted Family Season Tickets Available To Basildon Residents Only

Beale Park is offering a 50% discount on a Family Season Ticket to Basildon residents.  A Family Season Ticket (2 adults and 2 children), valid for one year, can be bought for £67.50, instead of the usual price of £135.00.

Interested residents need to apply, with photographic identification, to the Parish Council, in the first instance, for authorisation of the application – and then visit the Ticket Office at Beale Park to purchase the ticket.

The Parish Council can be contacted at the Village Hall between 7.15pm and 7.30pm on the evening of its monthly meeting.

Beale Wildlife Park is a registered conservation and education charity. We have a duty to closely manage the number of complimentary entry tickets that are given to other organisations for fundraising events that do not directly benefit the park or our stated charitable objectives.

In order to manage the process of giving free tickets to other organisations, and to be fair to everyone, the following conditions have now been put in place:

  • Tickets will be issued to either organisations or other registered charities whose work clearly supports or relates to our own mission and charitable objectives, and to schools and registered community groups in our local area. Only organisations in the following postcodes will be considered RG, OX, SN, SP, SO, GU, SL.
  • We will only donate tickets directly to organisations and charities rather than third parties, i.e. not to those holding events on behalf of other nominated charities or causes. 
  • Only one set of tickets will be allocated to successful organisations in any twelve month period.

Please apply in writing including full postal address and email address with full details of the request and send along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Beale Wildlife Park,

Lower Basildon