Brown Wood Owl

Habitat: Brown Wood Owls (Strix leptogrammica) come from south Asia, India, Bangladesh, western Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China. They inhabit tropical and temperate forests.

Lifespan: The average lifespan for the Brown Wood Owl in captivity is 15 years.

Diet: In the wild, they will mainly feed on small mammals such as rats, mice and shrews – however, they are also known to take small birds and reptiles. In captivity, they get fed day old chicks, baby rats and mice.

Behaviour: The breeding season is January – March. The female will make a nest in a tree hole or the hollow of a tree trunk, and usually lays around 2 eggs. The incubation period is 30 days.

Brown Wood Owls are shy, nocturnal birds that roost during the day in a densely foliaged tree, and hunt during the night. The soft, fluffy feathers on the edge of their wings allow them to fly silently.