When born, Caracara (Falconidae) are orange in appearance. As they mature their plumage darkens and they take on a more speckled appearance. Their legs are orange/yellow in colour and the base of their bill is yellow with the remainder of the hooked bill being blue-grey.

Habitat: The Falkland Islands, Argentina and Chile.

Population: Near threatened.

Lifespan: Approximately 25 years.

Diet: Caracaras are mainly scavengers, however they will attack weak animals up to the size of a sheep.

Behaviour: Caracara nest on cliff edges where they make a nest out of twigs and vegetation which are lined with grass and wool. Females lay up to 3 eggs; the chicks will hatch after 23 days and will leave the nest after five weeks. In the wild Caracaras will nest close to penguin or albatross colonies.

Known on the Falkland Islands as Johnny Rook.

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