Kunekune Pigs

Kunekune Pigs (Sus scrofa scrofa) originate from New Zealand where they were kept by the Maoris. They are the smallest domestic breed of pig domesticated all over the world.

Habitat:  The natural habitat for Kunekune is woodland and pasture. They thrive in the outdoors.

Population:  They are a popular breed of pig so their numbers are not evaluated.

Lifespan:  They live 8-10 years.

Diet:  They are fed a diet of fruit, vegetables and commercial pig nuts. They also eat grass and other foliage that is in their paddock.

Behaviour: Kunekune Pigs need to wallow during summer months as they are prone to sunburn. The mud helps to protect their skin as well as being enjoyable and refreshing for them. They are very clean animals and don’t tend to soil in their beds.

They have two tassels under their chin which are known as ‘piri piri’ – they are like skin tabs and serve no purpose.

Kunekune Pigs have lovely temperaments. They love having a fuss made of them.