Striped Skunk

The Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis) can be found in northern America. They can be found in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

Habitat:  Striped skunks are natives of North America and occur from northern Mexico to southern Canada. They prefer open areas with a variety of habitats and inhabit a range of areas from wooded areas to riparian canyons, preferring habitats that are thick and brushy.

Population: Their population is monitored and classified as ‘least concern’.

Lifespan: Up to three years in the wild and 15 years in captivity.

Diet:  The Striped Skunk is omnivorous which means it eats both plants and meat. Their diet includes insects, small mammals, fish, crustaceans, fruits, nuts, leaves, grasses and carrion (dead animals).

Behaviour:  They are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day, in hollow logs or abandoned animal burrows, and are active at night. They have developed a unique defence mechanism – when threatened they first try to run away, then arch their back, raise their tail and stomp their feet. If that doesn’t work they spray the predator with a strong smelling fluid. They can spray up to 12 feet away.

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