Beale Park Gardens – February 2018 News Update

Posted by Jane Chapman on 08/02/2018


Last month a Cryptomeria Japonica (Japanese Cedar) had to be cut down due to storm damage. We have taken cuttings from the fallen branches and, even though it is not the ideal time, hope to grow a replacement.

Some wildlife friendly deciduous shrubs that you could take cuttings from now are Buddleja, Ribes, Philadelphus and Viburnum.


National Nest Box Week is from 14th to 21st February. We are encouraged to put up nest boxes in our gardens, as natural nest sites are disappearing. You will see many bird boxes around the Park and the fledglings are then ringed, with the information being forwarded to The British Trust for Ornithology.

A free information pack can be obtained from the BTO at

The BTO are running a Nest Box Challenge which involves them collecting information from garden owners on how successful nest boxes in gardens are.


This is Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris) which, if planted now, would bring some pond side colour to your garden in the spring and will provide early season pollen and nectar for bees, hoverflies and butterflies. See it by the water at Beale near one of the old bridges.

(It is easy to divide in summer if it gets too large.)