Beale Park Gardens – May 2018 News Update

Posted by Jane Chapman on 16/05/2018

The Flowerbeds

Things are starting to happen in the new flowerbed by the Park’s Station.

A few large specimens have been planted.

Not long before the last frosts now, hopefully, and the big summer plant-up will soon begin. Our new station bed will have a tropical theme and will be an experimental area for trialling different plants in dry/ wet soils and seeing how they fare in quite exposed conditions.

The new beds by the Ticket Office and Gift Shop have been designed to benefit pollinators and there should be lots of bright colour through the summer months. For those keen to get involved in research to help pollinators, please see next section.

Volunteers are required to collect data on pollinating insects and so help with their conservation. One way to get involved is to carry out a 10 minute flower/insect timed count at any location. Alternatively, a smaller group of volunteers is needed to adopt 1km survey squares. Full details, including a downloadable survey, can be found at

The Pond

Soon we should be seeing damselflies or dragonflies over our ponds. To encourage them further we can create roosting and basking sites. South facing rocks can provide basking areas and hedges and shrubs nearby can provide roosting spots.  For more information, a book called The Dragonfly Friendly Gardener is available from The British Dragonfly Society website.

One species likely to visit gardens is the large Red Damselfly. This is a male.


Wrens are likely to be heard rather than seen at this time of year, with their loud trilling song, but they can sometimes be seen flitting through low shrubs looking for insects on the far bank in the Jubilee gardens