Beale Wildlife Park Lost Property

Posted by Gillie Jackson on 10/07/2019

Property found on our premises and handed in will be passed to the Administration Office, where it will be logged in the Lost Property register. All items will be kept for 28 days. After this time, any item not collected will be disposed of.

If a bank card is handed in, we will contact the issuing bank and follow the bank’s instructions as to whether to destroy the card or return it to them.

Unclaimed mobile phones will be passed on to Thames Valley Police.

Where possible, items being disposed of will be recycled, or donated to a charity shop. Unclaimed cash will be donated to one of the Trust’s conservation programmes.

Persons finding and handing in lost property do so on the basis that they have no claims on the said property if it remains unclaimed after 28 days.

To check for lost property, please email us at or telephone 0118 976 7480 (and then press 4 for Administration).

The Park is now closed for the winter. Please keep an eye on our website news section and via our social media sites for updates on the animals.