Dusty the Snowy Owl chick is recovering from an operation

Posted by CDoyle on 29/11/2019

Dusty, the Snowy Owl who is being hand-reared at the Park, is recovering well from an operation to remove her left eye. The decision to operate was made following previous medical intervention which failed to release pressure from behind her eye. Details of her case and symptoms where reviewed by expert vets at the Bristol Veterinary School (part of Bristol University) who were not able to offer any alternative treatment.

She is making a good recovery and, it is hoped, she will be returned to her enclosure on Friday (29th November). She may be looking a little rough but being outside is the best place for her to aid her recovery.

Dusty is being trained to take part in flying experiences within the Park. The removal of her eye should have no effect on her future flying capability.

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