Enjoy Beale Wildlife Park into the winter months as we extend our open season with weekends up to mid-December

Posted by CDoyle on 09/10/2019

We will be staying open at weekends up to the middle of December so that our visitors can continue to enjoy visiting the Park.   From Friday 8th November we will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays up to, and including, Sunday 15th December.

In November the family trail will be discovering the truth behind myths and legends of some of the animals and plants. Can an owl turn its head 360 degrees? Is a snake slimy? Are pigs really dirty? These and other myths are just some of the questions that the younger visitors will be able to discover the answer to.

For the weekends in December a new family trail will explore the different animals in Christmas Carols. Each family trail will cost just 50p with all of the proceeds funding future animal conservation projects.

Normal admission applies. For opening times click here.

The Park is now closed for the winter. Please keep an eye on our website news section and via our social media sites for updates on the animals.