Wild cygnet saved from a tangle of fishing line

Posted by CDoyle on 18/12/2019

Beale Wildlife Park is more than a collection of animals who live in our enclosures. We are also home to a variety of wild animals who make the wider estate their home.

This morning our Director, Stephen McKeown, noticed that one of the cygnets had fishing line attached to its mouth. A quick call to the RSPCA and an expert from @swan_support arrived to check the cygnet out. As expected with swans, the rest of the group were nearby keeping an eye on the situation.

In the end they all enjoyed a good feed and swam away happy. Thank you to all at www.swansupport.org.uk.

The Park will be buzzing with activity during the October Half Term, visit our What's On page for a list of activities. Please read our Covid Briefing before setting out.