Zena and Kelsie, our new Plains Zebra, have arrived and are on show

Posted by CDoyle on 06/08/2020

Zena and Kelsie are now making Beale Wildlife Park their home as they were introduced to the Park on Wednesday. These Plains Zebras are the start of a small herd and we hope that a stallion will be introduced at some point.

We have been waiting for the Zebra for some time. The delay was caused by lock down and all of the other restrictions that came along with it and the entire team are chuffed to bits that they are finally here. We hope to hear the patter of tiny hooves at some point in the next few years as we are planning a breeding programme.

The zebras are now on show to the public in the Deer Park.

To discover more about them, click on the link.  https://youtu.be/u3-OhLsFMro