Deer Park

The Deer Park is set around a large open space which is home to three species of deer (Fallow, Sika and Axis), Pygmy Goats and a Zipwire.

It’s a fun and adventurous area of the Park that is popular with the children, as they can get close to the animals before launching themselves on a pendulum seat, travelling 25 metres to a buffer station.

There are three species of deer at Beale Park

Fallow deer have a light brown, smooth and thin summer coat which in the winter turns dark brown, is rougher and has a heavy undercoat. They have white spots on their backs and flanks with less on their necks and none on their heads. Fallow deer also have a black stripe that runs from the nape of the neck to the tip of the tail.

Sika deer is one of the few deer species that does not lose its spots upon reaching maturity. The colour of their fur ranges from mahogany to black; white coloured Sika deer are also known. During the winter their coats become darker in colour and fur denser. They are medium sized with a compact frame and dainty legs.

Axis deer have a reddish coat, marked with white spots. Their antlers can grow up to 75 cms and are shed annually. They have a slender frame adapted specifically to long distance running at high speeds.

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