Prime Fishing Location


Nestling on the banks of the River Thames, Beale Wildlife Park is a prime location for fishing.  The season runs from June 16th to March 14th inclusive, offering anglers the chance to catch a variety of fish including carp, pike, bream, chub, perch, roach, dace and tench on this mile stretch of the Thames.  This stretch still holds the English five hour match record.

A 30 peg lake is also available all year round with the chance of landing pike to 31lb and carp to over 30lb.  Reading Fishing Club administers the season permits to fish both venues are available from Thames Valley Angling. Contact details are:

Telephone – 0118 942 8249

E-mail –

Website –

Please note:  All fishing at Beale Wildlife Park is managed by Thames Valley Angling.  Anglers will be required to show Reading Fishing Club permits upon on request.