Conservation Workshops

Conservation Workshops for your School Groups at Beale Park

If your school group is looking for something a little more hands-on, you can take part in one of the Park’s conservation workshops.

A member of the Conservation Team will be on-hand to help your school group build one of the following homes to take back to your school grounds:
•   Build a Mini Bug Hotel
•   Build a Butterfly Feeder
•   Build a Bat Box
•   Build a Bird Box
•   Build a Hedgehog Home

To take part in any of these workshops, we recommend that your school group is divided into smaller groups of four or five pupils – this way, everyone gets a go and you end up with several boxes for your school!

Build a Mini Bug Hotel for your School Garden Visitors

With more than 10 million insects in the world, all of which need somewhere to live, we encourage your school group to help bugs be snug by building a mini bug hotel for your school.

At a cost of £5 per hotel, it’s a great, fun way to help eco-systems and habitats in your own school grounds!

Build a Butterfly Feeder

Calling all wannabe conservationists! Butterfly feeders attract and feed butterflies and will also provide you with a great amount of enjoyment as your school becomes a haven for colourful insects!  So, why not construct your own feeding station to take back to school!

The feeders are a great way to encourage your children to venture out and to teach them about the different species we have in the UK.

This activity costs £5 per feeder to build and is a great way to get involved as you assist, develop and help to maintain vital butterfly habitats.

Build a Bat Box

The Conservation Team is ready for action – offering school groups the chance to build a bat box for their school grounds.

So, if your school group fancies having a batty half hour, why not have your very own school group workshop, and build your own box!

Each box costs just £5 and is a great way to encourage your very own colony of bats.

Build a Nest Box

Beale Park is encouraging school groups to build a bird a home, as part of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) ‘National Nest Box Week’ (NNBW).

In support of the campaign, the Park offers nest box building workshops throughout the Park’s Open Season, which is great for the birds!

It’s the time that we remind ourselves to provide homes for dozens of species, from Blue Tits to Barn Owls. If you’ve never built a nest box before, why not book your school group into this workshop and create a home for your school’s garden visitors.

Each box will cost a nominal fee of just £5.

Pond Dipping Detectives

Pond dipping at Beale Park is an excellent hands-on opportunity that allows your group to learn about pond life.

The session is a great way to discover what minibeasts live under and on top of the water.

Children will participate in their own pond dip using nets, buckets and identification cards which can be hired from the Park.

Pre-booking for this equipment is essential.

The cost of hiring 10 pond dipping nets, 5 buckets and identification cards is just £20 per session.

Please note that this is a self-led session and is not supervised by Beale Park staff.

For more information, or to book, please call: 01189 767480.

The Park is now closed for the winter. Please keep an eye on our website news section and via our social media sites for updates on the animals.