Otter Soft Toy £10.00

Why not choose a playful otter to cuddle? With their soft fur, they're perfect for all ages!

Peacock Soft Toy £10.00

This peacock is soft and cuddly, the perfect souvenir to remind you of Beale Park!

Beale Park Hanging Lemur Soft Toy £11.50

Our hanging lemur, complete with a Beale Park top, makes for the perfect souvenir or gift.

Bouncing Bunny Soft Toy £10.00

This bouncing bunny gives endless hugs and is a great soft toy for all ages!

Lemur Hand Puppet £10.00

This lemur hand puppet can provide hours of fun for every age.

Hanging Squirrel Monkey Soft Toy £11.50

Our hanging squirrel monkey acts as the perfect companion with his sticky feet and fluffy fur.

Owl Soft Toy £10.00

Our soft and fluffy snowy owl is perfect for all ages to give endless hugs!

Beale Park Travel Cup £6.50

The perfect addition to a cold day! Take your hot drink anywhere with our branded travel mug.